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You flick his chin fin, sticking out your tongue at him teasingly. “Bitch got pinned, huh?” You cackle, grinning. His tantrum was cute.

You flinch at his touch,. Your tiny fin was really sensitive. He was smiling, and it was cute, but you were too annoyed at his sitting on you to think about that much. He was sitting too high up, directly on your chest. That bothered you for more reasons than one.

"Hmph. You call this pinning? I ain’t pinned unless I can’t break free. Face it, kitty, you probably can’t ACTUALLY pin me."

You huff at him, looking unamused at his enjoyment.


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Somewhere between fuck you and I’d fuck you

somewhere between ‘go fuck yourself” and ‘no wait let me do it’


You yelp in pain, growling at him and sitting back up, pushing him onto his back just as roughly and sitting on his chest which wasn’t as firm as you expected. Oh well, it was comfortable and you wouldn’t move any time soon.

You give out a grunt when you fall back. You glare up at him, color rising to your cheeks. Ugh he was sitting on your chest and it was even harder to breathe. You puff out your cheeks in a pout.

"Hey, get off me!"

He was light, but he was sitting in a place that made it hard for you to sit up to roll him off. You can’t really push yourself up with your arms. You’d have to push him off, and you consider doing so but you don’t immediately. You kick your legs, making whiny noise like a wriggler throwing a tantrum.

Pencil, draw avamax

I tried to draw this without undoing

Send me a ✍ and a character and I’ll draw the character horribly on MS Paint.


"Fuck you," you snarl at him, butting up into his touch once more pleadingly.

You growl at him, but not very lowly as you’re not trying to be intimidating. 

"Well with that kinda attitude kitty can play with himself."

You give him a crooked grin, squeezing his cheeks roughly before pushing him away from you by his head.

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Cops and Robbers | The Hoosiers

You’d like to be a member
of the human race

You want to be a good boy
but you couldn’t stand the taste